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Car Engine


|    List development and segmentation
|    Database audit and enrichment projects
|    Implementation of automation rules and nurture sequences
|    Process building and documentation
|    Build out of emails and landing pages
|    Implementation of Pardot, Hubspot, Outreach, Zoominfo, and more
|    Tool Migrations: Pardot, Hubspot, Marketo, and more
|    Reporting: ROI, Funnel Metrics, KPIs
|    Lead scoring and grading
|    Salesforce & Hubspot administration
    Salesforce workflows, triggers, campaigns, reports, and dashboards


|    Build and manage multi-channel campaigns
|    Pipeline generation and management
|    Lead generation drip/nurture sequences
|    Modeling, market research & reporting
|    Content syndication
|    Ad Buying w/ Publications
|    SEO (keyword research, on-page optimizations, reporting)
    Paid social media management

Brooklyn Bridge


|    Content Management: consulting, SEO, content writing.

|    Whitepapers, eBooks, blogs, guides, playbooks, sales enablement.
|    UI/UX design development and wire-framing.
|    Design/branding, graphic design print, digital illustrations, etc.
|    Custom and open-source system (WordPress and Shopify) dev.
|    Responsive Design, Bootstrap.
    PHP, Ruby, GoLang, Javascript, YAML, JSON, HTML5.

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