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TalPoint is a talent marketplace that connects security, privacy, risk, and compliance experts to the businesses in need of their expertise. They match companies with vetted experts to deliver outcomes and empower consultants to thrive in this new economy.

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Deep North is Analytics and AI for the physical world. Its end-to-end software solution combines artificial intelligence with computer vision to help retailers and businesses digitize and analyze behavioral metrics in the physical world, and gives them tools to act upon these insights. 

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Lytical Ventures is a New York City-based venture firm investing in Corporate Intelligence, comprising cybersecurity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Lytical’s professionals have decades of experience in direct investing generally and in Corporate Intelligence specifically.

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Advance Telecom Solutions provides businesses with expert recommendations to improve their telecommunications infrastructure. The team will audit your existing telecom systems, negotiate rates with our solution providers, and help facilitate the transition between vendors.


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