Michelle Sauzier

[External] Growth & Revenue Advisor

Marketing evolves and iterates quickly with new ideas and strategies required to deliver success within a business. As a marketing generalist, with over 20 years of experience, I’ve dived into metrics-focused digital marketing, demand generation, growth marketing, and campaign management to implement tailor-made strategies to drive revenue.

My professional journey has a clear path that’s focused on core values, development, and strategic decision-making based on logic, data, and research. My proven success includes a 145% increase in opportunity conversion through streamlining and optimizing lifecycle management, lead flow, and tight collaboration with sales. It is like realigning a ship without a clear course, but seeing marketing grow with a purpose was a success metric I am proud of.

Building a Demand Generation foundation and increasing momentum is part of the overall strategy that drives revenue. I’ve built demand generation from the ground up at Reciprocity, UJET, and RingCentral’s enterprise segment. My foundational strategy was to build and develop teams while deploying strategies that gained momentum and contributed to revenue quarter-over-quarter. Assembling the right foundation helped me understand the importance of efficiency and hiring the right people in order to deliver visible improvements.

This is a consistent trend throughout my career. I selected precise opportunities that met my professional goals and aligned with a company’s mission.

Taking ideas and turning them into actionable strategies that deliver revenue is still the base of demand generation and growth marketing. This is where I thrive. The teams I managed and mentored, the multi-million dollar budgets I’ve worked with, and the goals I’ve exceeded are only one side of my story.

Michelle Sauzier